Internship Courses

Customized hands-on experiences are a signature of our program.

We work closely with students to develop and secure internship opportunities both locally and abroad. Internships are designed in consultation with your faculty advising team, including language-specific faculty, the Director of Graduate Studies, and the Assistant Director of Graduate Studies and Career Education.


Internships typically serve as a final project and are conducted in the Summer, but it is possible to do an internship during Fall or Spring as well. 

Deadlines to set up an Internship Course:

  • Fall Semester: August 10
  • Spring Semester: December 1
  • Summer Semester: April 20

Please contact Dr. Strakovsky by these dates in order to confirm your for-credit internship course number. Internships must be confirmed with all members of your faculty advising team in advance.

Selected Local Partners and Collaborators:

We work with a large number of organizations in Atlanta and globally. Here are a few partners we have recently enjoyed working with:

  • A number of consulates, including those of Mexico, France, Germany, Switzerland
  • A number of Chambers of Commerce, including German-American CoC and Georgia Hispanic CoC
  • Atlanta Global Studies Center
  • Georgia Department of Education
  • Atlanta Mayor's Office
  • Atlanta Metro Chamber 
  • Confucius Institute
  • Japan Association
  • Global Atlanta
  • Altanta Film Festival
  • Latin American Association
  • NearShore Technologies (Mexico, CODA)
  • RCE Network for Sustainability
  • Delta


Internships with external organizations:

6695 or 6696: Internship Abroad

Internships typically serve as a final project for students. They include a set number of work hours and several hours of videoconferencing with a faculty internship advisor. To count as a final project, the internship experience must include a substantive reflective or analytical product that engages with the concerns and issues of the industry and professional experience. In order to begin the process of arranging an internship, please get familiar with campus resources, including the Center for Career Development and Discovery and the Office of International Education Global Internship Program. After you have explored these sites, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Strakovsky. There are a number of partner organizations we work with, as well as best practices in designing an individualized internship, and we look forward to working with you to find one that works for you. 

"Domestic Internship" is pending final approval as a registered course but should be available soon. Please check back for updates.

Practicum as apprentice to a faculty member:

6510: Language Practicum
6511: Language Practicum Abroad


Gain teaching and research experience by serving as an apprentice instructor in a 3000- or 4000-level course (6510) or during one of our signature study abroad programs, including Language for Business and Technology or a lower-level study abroad program. Apprentices are not traditional TAs. They take a leadership role in the course by conducting research on course topics, teaching 1-2 sessions of the course, and designing teaching materials in the target language. This course provides training in research, teaching, advising, and leadership. Appointments must be approved by the faculty instructor and program advisors. Language Practicum Abroad participants may be required to begin participation in the Language Practicum Abroad during Spring Semester in order to adequately prepare for the intensive summer format. In order to do a Language Practicum, please contact the instructor of the course and the Program Director of the language program via one email, and please copy the DGS and ADGS.