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Paul Alonso-Polivision

Posted July 21, 2020


Created by Paul Alonso, associate professor of Spanish in the School of Modern Languages at Georgia Tech, Polivision was developed through a grant from the Digital Integrative Liberal Arts Center (DILAC). Polivision is a bilingual and multimedia outlet based in Atlanta that covers Latin(o) American and Global Cultures. They create new content (video, podcast, interactive media) and curate international stories about arts, music, film, satire, and other creative expressions of the LatinX transnational community.  

Hybrid Atlanta 

Polivision produces “Hybrid Atlanta,” an original video series of interviews with local artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs whose work establishes a dialogue with global cultures. Their interviews give voice to a variety of personalities who have creatively engaged with the cultural flows that are taking place in Atlanta. 

Local Spotlight 

Polivision not only interviews international people living in Atlanta, but also locals whose work has been influenced by the waves of cultural globalization. By creating an accessible and shareable digital archive, that reveals Atlanta’s multicultural and hybrid reality, Polivision is countering ethnocentrism and highlighting a changing creative landscape. Learn more about Polivision and their current projects at 

Current Research 

Paul Alonso is currently writing a book on Peruvian Infotainment that explores 30 years of entertainment and politics in Peru, as well as several articles on Latin American digital humor that evolved from his previous book, Satiric TV in the Americas (Oxford UP). He is also writing a novel. 

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Student Assistant for the School of Modern Languages