Graduation Semester Procedures

Applying to Graduate

Once you are in your second-to-last semester, you will need to apply to graduate in your planned graduation semester.  There are two important next steps: apply to graduate, apply to walk in the Spring Commencement Ceremony (this is only if you are planning to graduate in the Summer). This is a quick process and is done through Buzzport, it shouldn’t take longer than 5-10 minutes.  

To apply to graduate:  

  1. Login to OSCAR
  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid
  3. Select Student Records
  4. Select Apply to Graduate
  5. It will ask you to select a term.  This is not your graduation term, but the term you want your curriculum pulled from for the academic audit.  Select the latest term available.
  6. Select the curriculum (if the curriculum appears incorrect stop immediately and contact Degree Certification for assistance)
  7. In the next screen select graduate date, this is the semester you plan to graduate in
  8. Pick your name that will be printed on the diploma
  9. Select mailing address for diploma
  10. Submit request after making sure the information is correct

To apply to walk in Spring (Summer Graduates only): 

After submitting your application to graduate, please fill out the Request to Participate in Spring Commencement form found here – – if you want to walk during commencement in the Spring (there is not a Summer commencement).  This form is super quick and straightforward. Just a head’s up, late forms are not accepted for any reason so please pay attention to the due date on the commencement website.  Note that this is not graduation, but participating in commencement (cap and gown). 

On the “Request to Participate” form, where it says “list your remaining classes for the Summer,” put two 8XXX level language courses with Xs and the credit hours, based on which focus you are.  Here are some examples:

Russian focus:  RUSS 8XXX (3 credits), RUSS 8XXX  (3 credits)

German focus:  GRMN 8XXX (3 credits), GRMN 8XXX  (3 credits)

Spanish focus:  SPAN 8XXX (3 credits), SPAN 8XXX  (3 credits)

Under Comments/Notes, please write “Member of Modern Languages cohort, MS-GMC and MS-ALIS, 12-month programs.”

Enrollment Waivers

What if I want to not enroll in Summer? 

  • If you are skipping summer and enrolling in Fall 2020 to complete your project, you don’t have to do anything. 
  • If you plan to graduate in summer and already have 30 credit hours, you need an enrollment waiver.

An enrollment waiver should only be used in your last semester of graduate study. It can only be used once during your time as a student.

  • An enrollment waiver is only necessary if you already have 30 credit hours and plan to graduate in the Summer 2020 and not in Spring 2020.  If you do not have 30 credit hours and are continuing the degree in Fall 2020, you do not need an enrollment waiver; no forms are required for this option. 
  • The Enrollment Waiver Form is located here:
  • Please use Docusign to obtain signatures from your Major Advisor (Primary Advisor) and Graduate Coordinator (Jenny, Juan Carlos, or Aaron): 

Students can be away from Georgia Tech for no more than 2 terms per calendar year, including Summer. After the second term of no enrollment students would need be readmitted. Information for readmission can be found here:

How to Designate a Concentration in the ALIS Degree

ALIS Students need to designate a concentration in order to graduate.  Click here for instructions on designating a concentration in DegreeWorks.