Graduate Internship Program (C2D2)

This program is an alternative way to complete an internship outside our graduate program. It is not equivalent to our internship courses, but offers audit credit. It is recommended for students maintaining student status during vacation/graduation semesters or for other circumstances.

Georgia Tech’s Graduate Internship Program is jointly operated by Graduate Education and The Center for Career Discovery and Development.  The Graduate Internship Program provides graduate students with the opportunity to do an internship for audit credit (NOT degree credit). Eligibility for the program is based on academic achievement at Georgia Tech. 

The Graduate Internship Program offers many benefits to current students.  Students are provided full-time enrollment status through registration in an audit credit Graduate Internship course. This permits students to retain all privileges of full-time enrolled students while on work assignments.

There is no tuition associated with the Graduate Internship Program, nor are there any required fees. 

For more information about the Graduate Internship Program, please visit:

Graduate Internship Program (C2D2)

Program Requirements and Application Process

All Georgia Tech graduate students are eligible to register for the Graduate Internship Program.  Here are the eligibility requirements for participation in the program:

  • Good academic standing
  • Have completed one academic semester (F1 visa holders must complete Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Co-op/internship experience must be related to the program of study and be approved by the graduate program
  • Visa holders must have work authorization approved by the Office of International Education
  • An offer letter from the employer with the dates and hours of the internship, and departmental approval (Contact Jenny Strakovsky to receive Modern Languages approval of the offer)

For information about program requirements and the application process, including dates and deadlines, please visit:

Program Requirements and Application Process

International Students

At the time that your Graduate Co-op/Internship is approved, the Graduate Co-op program submits your information to the Office of International Education (OIE) to start the process for Curricular Practical Training/Optional Practical Training approval.

Please keep in mind:

  • OIE requires 5 business day to process Curricular Practical Training requests
  • OIE will send you an email when your updated I-20 is ready
  • You must have your updated I-20 before starting work

For more information, please visit:

International Authorization CPT/OPT