For Partners: Host a GRA


We would love to work with you to facilitate stronger communication, community, and culture in your organization. Please contact our graduate leadership team to initiate discussions. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Culture at Work GRA Program brings the skills learned in the humanities classroom into the professional world. We aim to position graduate students in language and culture in diverse real-world contexts where their communication, global competence, empathy, writing, and management abilities can make an impact and change the conversation in a project or global issue.


We are looking for partners to serve as project supervisors in this program. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us with a brief description of a potential GRA position. Please tell us what type of challenge you are encountering, how a communications-based or culture-based approach might help, and the type of work you would like a GRA to conduct.

We can work with you to determine a breakdown of workload, a set of deliverables, a description of the skills required, and a description of the key skills that a GRA will develop during the project. We encourage partners to structure proposals around short-term projects with concrete deliverables. Appropriate deliverables could include a marketing campaign, training module, conference, website or knowledge base, or organizational research project.


HR Parameters: Positions are either 16% (7-8 hours/week) or 33% (13-15 hours/week) during the academic year and should take place in the fall and spring. Partners are responsible for payment of the GRA’s annual stipend, while the School of Modern Languages typically negotiates a tuition waiver (50% or 100%) for the student. Stipends should be paid with State funds if possible. Appointments take place August 15th - May 15th. GRAs may be hired by ML or by the partner unit; please communicate your preferences with us. 

Approval Process: GRAs must have a faculty supervisor as well as an administrative supervisor. Faculty supervisors may be any PhD-holding staff member who is eligible to teach at the Institute. The School is happy to match you with a faculty supervisor within our unit. GRA position proposals must be submitted to the Vice Provost for approval. 

Academic support during the appointment: While working with you, the GRAs will enroll in ML 8801, a 1-credit course that covers some of the theories and approaches behind their work, including topics like communications, design, diversity/inclusion, and community organization. We also provide a structure for supervisors to have regular check-ins by requiring three documented meetings per semester, so we can provide students with a meaningful learning experience.