Culture at Work GRA Program

The Culture at Work GRA Program puts the humanities to work and gives students an opportunity to learn how their language and cultural studies can apply in real-world contexts. Students work closely with faculty on a variety of applied projects. They learn project management, program creation and development, marketing, communications, graphic design, and community engagement.

Students also take a course, Building Community: Culture, Identity, Diversity, and Inclusion, which puts their GRA work into the context of psychology, sociology, organizational behavior, and cultural studies, so they are prepared to take on similar challenges in the professional world. 

Packages will be awarded across language concentrations on a competitive basis. All applicants to the MS-GMC will automatically be considered for these awards.


Job Position Descriptions

Culture at Work GRAs take a leadership role in program development activities and build essential 21st century skills in project management, teamwork, global competence, and professional communication. Projects will be developed in consultation with faculty and School leadership and may include the following: communications, marketing, undergraduate engagement and community-building, media production, grant-writing, project management, relationship-building with industry partners, Global Media Fest, Global Career Intensive, undergraduate tutoring, study abroad development. Workload expectations will not exceed 8 hours per week.

The Graduate Program in Global Media and Cultures is pleased to offer a number of graduate assistantships to outstanding MS-GMC students with dual support by the School of Modern Languages and School of Literature, Media, and Communication.

The Graduate Program in Applied Languages and Intercultural Studies is pleased to offer a number of graduate research assistantships to outstanding MS-ALIS students through the support of the School of Modern Languages. 

GMC Assistantships (GRAs) include a tuition waiver for out-of-state tuition and 50% of in-state tuition, as well as a monthly stipend of $635 over nine months. Students will be responsible for Institute fees and 50% of in-state tuition (details on Bursar's website). Summer funding is not included.

Application Process: 

There is no separate application process for the Culture at Work program. All applicants will be considered. Awards are given on a competitive basis across language concentrations.