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Overcoming the Odds: Spotlight on Alex Syriopoulous, MS-GMC Spanish

Alex S headshotDuring finals week of his junior year at Georgia Tech in 2017, Alex lost consciousness at his apartment and had to be rushed to the hospital. He ended up in coma after emergency brain surgery.

His journey is a testament to resilience and optimism. In 2020, Alex completed his B.S. in Computer Science and turned his attention to the rich complexity of the human experience, continuing on to a M.S. in Global Media and Cultures in Spanish on a FLAS Fellowship.

"I have a lot of experience doing data analytics and software development, and...there is a big demand for people who have technical knowledge and expertise, but then can communicate this information to non-technical people. This is what makes me a well-rounded engineer."

For his final project, Alex is conducting research and communciation strategy for a startup that's designing new business models for ecological conservation -- engaging businesses in ways that can create reforeistation of the Amazon Rainforest. 

Alex's journey, it seems, is just beginning.

Read his story here (authored by MS-GMC student and Georgia Tech journalist, Stephen Norris)

Ci Song (MS-GMC-Chinese) Designing Programs for Global Innovation

Ci Song, Chinese MS-GMC StudentWe are thrilled to share the story of one of our most hard-working and unique students today. Ci Song, who hails from China originally, will be completing the MS-GMC in Chinese this December. When she first came to us, she had a dream of working in an American company and wanted to leverage her master's to prepare for the U.S. workplace. She now has not one but two internships: at the media outlet Global Atlanta and in Georgia Tech's high-tech entrepreneurship incubator Enterprise Innovation Institute. We are so proud of her well-deserved success! Check out her story here.

MS-GMC Student Patricia Graffunder Wins 1st Place in the Climate Action Photography & Art Contest

Image of large faces moving students like puppetsPlease join us in congratulating Patricia Graffunder (MS-GMC, German) for winning 1st place in the Climate Action Photography & Art Contest organized by the Atlanta Global Studies Center (AGSC) in partnership with the German Consulate General in Atlanta and the Georgia Department of Education as part of the second-annual Global Climate Action Symposium, Oct 6-8 .

Read the full story here. 

How to Work with Your Graduate Advisor

Thumbnail - yellow coffee cup on a desk with fernsFinding an advisor can be a daunting process, especially when you can't meet face-to-face. As we approach the deadline to designate graduate advisors in the MS-GMC and MS-ALIS, we've been thinking about what advising means in the humanities. This post provides tips on how to find an advisor and how to work with an advisor effectively. Read our post here.

Statement on Fall Courses from ML Chair Anna Stenport

Words: Statement on Fall Courses from the Chair

Dear School of Modern Languages Students,

Remote summer greetings from the Swann Building. I hope you are all well, healthy, and energized for your academic pursuits during this coming Fall. At this point, there still remains considerable uncertainty surrounding the semester. The faculty and staff at the School of Modern Languages have been working hard over the past months to ensure that you will have a safe, flexible, accessible, and substantive learning experience.

Read the rest of the statement here. 

Getting Ready for Class: What to expect in a graduate seminar

picture of deskAs you prepare for Fall semester, you might be wondering what to expect in your courses. Even though you might be in a class that has both undergraduates and graduate students, especially in your advanced language courses, expectations for graduate students are a little different than for bachelor's students. 

Virtual Grad School 2: Tips for Maintaining Your Language Over the Summer

Maintaining your language over the SummerSummer is finally here! Summer can be a challenging time to keep up your language skills. Without the structure of classes, it’s easy to go several weeks without reading or hearing anything in the language you’ve been studying. After working so hard to learn a language, it’s important to keep up your skills -- now and after you graduate! Summer is the perfect time to build great habits that will help you improve and excel in your language after graduation and in your future career. In this blog post from our Graduate Program, we share our students’ favorite strategies for practicing their language over the summer.

Yoga with the "Queen Bee," Former First Lady of Georgia Tech

Val Peterson surrounded by flowersWhen your home is also your work environment, yoga is a therapeutic practice that slows the mind and puts reality into perspective. ML 8801: Building Community: Culture, Identity, Diversity and Inclusion, had a virtual yoga practice with Mrs. Val Peterson, the former first lady of Georgia Tech, last Monday, April 6th, thanks to the creativity of two Graduate Research Assistants, Shaidah Herron and Ci Song.

Virtual Grad School: 8 Tips for Creating a Great Work-space at Home

glassLast week, Georgia Tech announced that it is closing its campus and converting to a fully remote environment for the rest of the semester. This means teaching all our courses online and advising our master's students remotely as they work independently on their Final Projects. To help our students prepare, we asked our faculty to share their work-spaces and their tips for working effectively on creative projects at home.

Changing the Conversation at Home and Abroad: Our Grad Students Share their Final Project Plans

four studentsLike the many trailblazing undergraduates who have explored unfamiliar places on our study abroad programs, the School of Modern Languages is embarking on its own journey into a new world: graduate education. Meet four of our students as they share their plans for final projects, and how they are combining language and another field to "change the conversation."

Congratulations: Kestra James Featured in GT's IMPACT News Feature

Kestra JamesCongratulations to Kestra James, one of our German MS-GMC students, for being celebrated during Black History Month in GT's IMPACT news feature! "As an undergraduate student, James helped organize a trip to Munich, Germany, to assist 200 Syrian refugees in adjusting to their new lives in Europe. As a graduate student, she’s now helping coordinate programming for Georgia Tech’s brand new master’s program in Global Media and Cultures." 

“If you have an interest and you're willing to work toward your goals, you will be successful,” says James."

"Media Literacy is going to be the next big thing" according to Panel on the Future of Media

panelOn Tuesday, February 25th, the M.S. program in Global Media and Cultures hosted a career panel on “the future of media in Atlanta’s changing media landscape.” The panel featured a number of leading local media thought leaders, including Rose Scott, host of NPR's "A Closer Look," Saeed Ahmed of CNN's Culture, Trends, and Enterprises, and Gracie Bonds Staples of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Business and Language: Our Program Assistant talks about learning three languages at Georgia Tech

campbellCampbell Beadles came to Georgia Tech from Thomasville, GA, planning only to complete a business degree and work in one of Atlanta's most historic industries: logistics and supply chain. He graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration, Minors in Spanish and German, and a Certificate in Russian. He is now a FLAS Fellow in the M.S. in Global Media and Cultures in Russian. 

“I never planned to take language at Georgia Tech, but it was so accessible that I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity," he said. "The summer study abroad programs made it easy to immerse myself and very quickly become conversational in the language.”

NYEWe got mentioned in the Times! | Press: New York Times Opinion, "Do You Speak My Language? You Should"

"In an increasingly global world, Americans should be adding, not slashing, opportunities for their children to learn another tongue."

"Some universities have restructured programs to emphasize the ability to work, socialize and research across languages, offering dual degrees in which students’ language education is directly tied to its application in their other fields of study."

Press: Offering a World-Class Degree and Experience in a Thriving Media Hub

''Nestled in the historic corner of campus overlooking Tech Tower, the School of Modern Languages is taking the lead in helping to transform Atlanta’s global media industry. The School is rapidly becoming a hub for cutting-edge researchers in international film, documentary, digital media, and global studies, attracting budding media professionals from across Georgia to its new Master of Science in Global Media and Cultures, the first multicultural professional graduate degree in applied languages in the United States.

Press: Georgia Tech Launches Two First-of-Their-Kind Master´s Degrees

ideasThe Georgia Institute of Technology School of Modern Languages, in collaboration with the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, is launching a groundbreaking suite of master of science programs in language, culture, and media skills, with funding from the GT-FIRE Grant for educational innovation, sponsored by the Offices of the Provost and Executive Vice President for Research (EVPR).

Advanced foreign language degrees have traditionally prepared students for careers as educators. Georgia Tech’s new MS in Applied Language and Intercultural Studies (MS-ALIS) and the MS in Global Media and Culture (MS-GMC) are the first advanced degrees in foreign language and cultural studies in the United States explicitly designed for industry careers. “These degrees imagine an entirely new model of humanities education, designed to prepare students for careers of the future,” said Anna Stenport, chair of the School of Modern Languages.

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