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Announcing April Admissions for 2021

Deadline: April 19, 2021

The Georgia Tech School of Modern Languages is excited to announce that we are offering extended graduate admissions for the Fall 2021 cohort of our 12-month Master of Science programs, with applications now open until Monday, April 19, 2021 (11:59 PM EST).

April Admissions is designed for current Georgia Tech juniors and seniors but is open to all, and we welcome everyone to apply! All applications will be reviewed equally based on applicants' qualifications. 


Admissions Deadlines: 

January 15: Priority Admissions Deadline

February 15: Admissions Deadline

April 19: Spring Admissions Deadline



Application Process (2 Steps):

Download our Application Checklist and see below for details.

Step 1: Submit Online Application

Create an account online and fill out the Georgia Tech graduate admissions application, which includes your transcripts, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. See below for details. 

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Step 2: Complete Video Interview

All applicants complete a 15-minute interview in the language that they choose as their primary concentration. You will receive an email prompt to schedule your interview after you submit your online application. Interviews are conducted via video and require no preparation. See below for details. 


Eligibility Requirements

  • Completed Bachelor's Degree from a U.S.-accredited college or university
  • TOEFL score at least 90 or above(required for all international students)
  • MS-GMC:  Intermediate-mid level proficiency in the language of focus
  • MS-ALIS:  Intermediate-high level of proficiency in Spanish 
  • Students may be enrolled in a degree program at another university while also being enrolled in this program.


Step 1: Online Application 

Read the Application Checklist Start Your Application

Start with the links above to create a username and account with Georgia Tech Admissions. 

MS-GMC Online Application Materials

  • Statement of Purpose (4000 characters)
  • Official Transcripts from B.A./B.S. degree
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Government issued ID
  • TOEFL score minimum 90 (international students)
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 in the language of focus
  • Intermediate-mid level proficiency in the language of focus (ACTFL standards)
  • $75 application fee

MS-ALIS and BS/MS-ALIS Online Application Materials

  • Statement of Purpose (4000 characters)
  • Official Transcripts from B.A./B.S. degree
  • 2 Letters of recommendation
  • Government issued ID
  • TOEFL score, minimum 90 (international students)
  • Intermediate-high level proficiency in the language of focus (ACTFL standards)
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 in the language of focus
  • $75 application fee (waived for BS/MS-ALIS applicants)

Optional Materials

The absence of optional materials will not adversely affect your application.

  • Language proficiency records: Language proficiency will be evaluated via online interview after submission. You are free to add additional test scores or provide additional information about previous tests or other assessments you have completed.
  • Portfolio Sample: You may upload material to provide additional context for the committee, such as a writing sample or multimedia link.
  • GRE Scores: GRE scores are not required for these programs. 

Additional Details for Online Application

Statement of Purpose (Required):  Describe what makes you suited to this program. What training/education do you have in this area? What particular abilities or skill-sets do you possess? What topics or questions are you particularly interested in investigating during the degree? How does this degree fit into your overall professional and academic goals? Maximum of 4000 characters (pasted directly into a text box online). Click here for our tips on Writing a Strong Statement of Purpose.

Letters of Recommendation (2 required):  The application will request contact information for two letters of recommendation.  Please submit names and email addresses for these individuals.  They will be contacted with a prompt to upload their materials.  It is a good idea to give recommenders at least two weeks to submit their letters, so we suggest getting started early to create your account and submit recommenders' contact information.

Letters of recommendation should be 1-2 pages, written by a teacher, adviser, or employer who can provide a broad evaluation of the applicant's academic potential, motivations, and interests.  One letter should come from a language instructor or an individual who can directly address the applicant's language skills; the other does not need to do so.

Portfolio Sample (Optional): If you would like to share any materials from previous courses that can demonstrate your experience with global studies, media, writing, communication, cross-cultural analysis, or other areas related to your graduate and professional goals, you may upload them in Supplementary materials. These may include a writing sample in English (10-20 pg), a writing sample in the target language (5-10 pg), or a multimedia sample. Video essays may be submitted as links in your document.


Step 2: Online Language Interview (after application submission)

person completing a video interviewAll applicants must complete a 15-minute interview in the target language and in English, including native speakers. Please check the email address you provided in your application for a prompt to complete the interview. You will receive instructions from Georgia Tech Admissions, which will allow you to log in to complete the video interview. Interviews will be conducted either on a rolling basis or the week of February 15-22. Please do not be concerned if you do not receive a prompt immediately after submission, as there may be technical delays.

Interviews include questions in the target language and in English and are suitable to be completed by both language learners and native speakers. It is based on the methods of the Oral Proficiency Standards of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. They should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and do not require advance preparation. Interviews are an opportunity to showcase your abilities in both English and the Target Languages.

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